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Meet the CrossFit Showdown team

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Tucker Kistner


My first introduction to CrossFit began when I was in high school, living in Newtown, Connecticut. Our baseball coach urged us to do CrossFit in the winter to stay in shape for the upcoming spring baseball season. I wasn't a standout athlete in high school sports, but I took pride in pushing myself during any team physical training. After one semester of college, I decided to join the Air Force.

During my active duty service in the Air Force as an intelligence analyst stationed in Germany, I rediscovered CrossFit.
I mostly worked out alone, while stationed In Germany, until I moved to Fort Walton Beach, Florida.
I quickly found the nearest CrossFit gym and joined the community. Coincidentally, the gym I joined followed the same programming I used in Germany – Comptrain.
My time in Fort Walton Beach wasn’t especially glamorous.
I had two knee surgeries.
Lockdown happened.
I hated my job.
The highlight of living in Fort Walton Beach was getting off work and heading straight to my favorite CrossFit gym. I’d use this time to de-stress, connect with my military friends, and work on my fitness. Despite working 12-hour shifts, I still found time to prioritize my fitness.
After the military, I moved to Davie and joined CrossFit Showdown as a coach. After a year and a half of coaching, I became the owner.
Since I took over as the owner of CrossFit Showdown, it’s been my mission to help busy parents look hot with CrossFit.
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