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    What do people say about us?

    • “Been doing CrossFit for many years and never really hit any Pr’s. I joined Showdown 9 months ago and significantly surpassed all my previous Pr’s. The coaching is amazing, the programing is incredible and the vibe is great!!! Keep doing what you do!!!!!”

      Gavriel Kalfa
    • “In doing CrossFit for about 4 1/2 years on and off. Was looking for a box near the house, but also clean and well managed. Ran into showdown and I’m going on two weeks and honestly couldn’t be happier. Both coaches I’ve had (Tucker/Joey) have been great very clean cool people very welcoming and competitive. Truly recommend this place if you are looking to turn your fitness life around!”

      Michael Marin
    • “CrossFit showdown is the BEST gym around. I had to move out of the state for a few years and I constantly find myself reminiscing about the times I had when I was an active member. I tried joining other gyms and it just wasn’t the same for me. Showdown is the type of gym you get excited to go to. Everyone who joins is welcomed with open arms into our giant family. Everyone is friendly & encourages everyone around you no matter how or where you start. The owner, Joey, is always planning get togethers & fun filled events. He frequently is upgrading gym toys & equipment and is constantly finding ways to make the experience the best it can be for all members. If you are looking to join a local gym, having never worked out before or an experienced lifter, look no further than CrossFit Showdown

      Derek Pecoraro
    • “Results=Effort
      Joey, Tucker, and Chad are all superb coaches. They got me addicted to CrossFit. I literally did zero exercise, I went once, and ended up staying a member until I had to cancel because I moved. 10/10 would recommend this place! Great environment! Tucker has the best playlists, chads always down for a Shawarma and Joey is always chipper in the Morgen(stern). Had to publicly express gratitude and appreciation! Everyone should sign up and join! Let them know you’re starting out and they’ll help you with perfect form and then you’ll be able to move onto more complex and heavier movements. #Showdownstrong”

      Abraham Moses

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