Is Crossfit a good fit for you?

We’ve all heard the rumors going around about how CrossFit is the new sliced bread, nothing can beat it and it’s the best way to shred pounds and bulk the muscle you want, right? You can also, probably, recall the number of times you see a CrossFit gym on the corner of a busy street, right? They’re popping up like McDonald’s, one right after the other. But why? Why are these new gyms seemingly everywhere? Where did they come from or even start? How is it a brand new concept that already has so many locations?

Let’s get into it.

Crossfit is actually a branded fitness routine that was founded by Mr. Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai back in 2000. Yeah…you read that right, 2000. So how are we just hearing about this now, meaning the last 5 years or so? This is because Crossfit is an affiliate-type company. Within 5 years, there were 13 gyms, and now closer to the present, in 2016 there were 13,000 gyms. The latest information shows that in 2021, there are over 15,000 gyms in over 120 countries.

What is it, exactly?

The workouts are a mix between gymnastics, weight training, endurance, and aerobic training. Glassman describes this type of mix as “strength and conditioning” for the body and the main goal is to improve your body fitness by the number of functional movements across the whole spectrum of muscles we all have in our body.

The types of equipment you’ll see in any given Crossfit gym are vast and separately important but do differ in what they do for the separate muscles. You’ll find things like:

  • barbells
  • dumbbells
  • pull-up bars
  • gymnastic rings
  • kettlebells
  • rowing machines
  • resistance bands
  • tractor tires
  • weighted ropes
  • and much more

What types of people, typically, do you find in a Crossfit gym?

Many professional athletes like football players, boxers, jiu-jitsu practitioners, mma fighters, kickboxers, hockey players, and so many more. There are many benefits to these programs, but of course, they’re not for everybody. There are different levels of programs ranging from beginners to professionals. Some people choose to go to the gym strictly for the different types of equipment. If you want a more training heavy class then you can choose that with the trainers.


It can be scary when you see videos on the internet of them pushing around tractor tires and skipping the weighted ropes, but the instructors do ease you into it. When you visit a gym, if you have certain things you can’t do or if you have certain goals you want to achieve, and you relay that to the trainer, they will help you reach your goals, however, you need it done. There are also cases of pregnant women that want to stay strong but, for obvious reasons can’t, the instructors work with them and make sure they stay safe but still get their results.

Joey Morgenstern

Joey Morgenstern

Owner - Crossfit Showdown

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