How You Can Benefit From InBody

Our brand new InBody 570 will provide you with an in-depth body composition analysis, giving you actionable data to improve your health. Body composition analysis gives you a more insightful picture of your health compared to stepping on a scale or calculating your BMI. Body composition testing through our InBody 570 is just one way we’ve stepped up our game to do more for our members.

Why Do I Need To Use InBody?

Measuring your body composition removes the guesswork of determining what your weight fluctuations mean. We can directly measure changes in…

  • Muscle mass
  • Body fat, and
  • Body fat percentage

Understanding your body’s unique body composition will allow you to make more informed choices about your diet, lifestyle, and fitness routine.

Our coaches will sit down with you to explain what your results mean and give you recommendations for improvement.

Performing an InBody analysis every 1-3 months will give you the confidence that you need to understand that you are on the right track with your fitness and health routine.

We’re here to help!