How CrossFit Can Help You Through Your Life

The functional movements that we do in CrossFit can serve you well throughout the course of your life.

In order to be independent and take care of ourselves, we must be able to maintain proficiency in some simple movement patterns.

  1. Squatting
    • Every time you need to use the bathroom and sit down on the toilet, you must squat.
    • When we lose the ability to squat, we can no longer live unassisted.
  2. Deadlifting
    • When you need to pick up an object off of the floor, you are essentially performing a deadlift.
    • Being able to bend down and pick something off the floor is an essential locomotive pattern that you need in order to live a functional life.
  3. Pressing
    • Pressing overhead: You need to be able to raise your arms over your head.
    • Pressing from the floor: If you fall, you need the ability to press yourself up from the floor.

In CrossFit, we practice all of these movements.

  • We squat in different variations such as the back squat, front squat, and overhead squat
  • We practice deadlifts with barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells
  • We press barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells over our heads
  • We press ourselves up from the floor with push-ups and burpees

Creating Your Own Functional Workout

It’s easy to create your own functional workout!

Before you pick an exercise, think to yourself… will I use this in my everyday life? Will I use this movement pattern outside of the gym?

Here’s a simple one you can use…

Complete 100 Push-ups

*every time you break, perform 25 air squats