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CrossFit – Tue, Jul 2

CrossFit Showdown – CrossFit


General flow

:30 reverse lunge & reach

:30 Downward dog w/ foot pedal

:30 Pigeon right

:30 Pigeon left

Line drills

:15 Shuttle runs

:15 Quad pulls

:15 Shuttle runs

:15 Knuckle drags

:15 Shuttle runs

:15 Butt kickers

:15 Shuttle runs

:15 High knees

:30 Bike

:30 row

Test 4 Shuttle Runs


Equilateral (AMRAP – Reps)

10 Rounds:

1 Minute Row Calories

1 Minute Bike Erg Calories

1 Minute Shuttle Runs

1 Minute Rest

Score: Lowest Round of Reps


Gun Show (Checkmark)

Gun Show

A) 8×8 Double Dumbbell Curls (Rest 30 Seconds)

B) 100 Banded Tricep Pressdowns

* Complete All (A) Before (B)

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