Crossfit Showdown is a gym in Hollywood Florida

Crossfit Showdown is a gym in Hollywood Florida, committed to helping people change their lives. With over 100 members and 6 different training sessions every day, they offer the best gym experience for anyone looking to get fit! Crossfit Showdown offers personal trainers, nutritionists and dieticians who will help you meet your fitness goals through high-intensity workouts that focus on functional movements. They offer a gym that is focused on community and camaraderie, so you will always feel like part of the team!
Crossfit Showdown
– gym in Hollywood Florida – 100+ members & sessions every day – personal trainers/nutritionists available for help with fitness goals.
Exercise: What are some other benefits offered by Crossfit?
Customers who exercise regularly have reduced blood pressure and resting heart rates, as well as lower cholesterol levels. They also tend to sleep better at night than those who don’t work out (National Sleep Foundation). Regular exercisers can reap all of these great health benefits and more! Exercise has been proven again and again to positively impact your mental health too reducing anxiety, depression and stress.

Joey Morgenstern

Joey Morgenstern

Owner - Crossfit Showdown

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