CrossFit – Sat, Jun 1

CrossFit Showdown – CrossFit


General Flow

Grab wallballs + light plate

0:30 Spiderman

0:30 downward + upward dog

0:30 pigeon (right)

0:30 pigeon (left)

Partner general warm up

Round 1

P1: Bike

P2: 0:20 Plate squat hold + 0:20 “drive the bus” with plate

Round 2

P1: bike

P2: 0:20 Plate Ground to overhead + Plate squat (hold on chest)

Round 3

P1: bike

P2: 0:20 Plate squat (hold out with arms parallel)

Specific Warm-up

3 medball deadlift

3 medbal front squat

3 medball shoulder press

3 medball thrusters

3 wallballs

Front Squat

3 cued ¼ Squat & Hold

Focus on high elbows in set up and hold

3 cued Squat & hold

Focus on high elbows throughout the rep and in the bottom position

1 Cued lightweight rep

Focus on elbows high throughout the rep

1 Cued lightweight rep

Focus on hips initiating the squat

1 Cued lightweight rep


Front Squat

Max Repetitions of Front Squats @ 80%

* To Technical Failure

* Add 10# To Each Set From Last Attempt (4/12/24)


Switching Gears (Calories)


On the Minute x 14 [7 Rounds]:

Minute 1: 20 Wallballs (20/14)

Minute 2: Max Bike Erg Calories

* Partners Start On Separate Stations

* Score Total Bike Calories

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